Precast Concrete Piles

Spiral Drillers Civil has the ability to supply and install driven precast concrete piles from 180mm to 550mm square/hexagonal/octagonal in shape and to a depth of 45m.

Piles are driven mainly with hydraulic rams, the impact energy is adjustable and a controlled driving process is carried out. Inspection and testing of the driven piles can be carried out depending on project requirement.  

Construction using precast concrete brings efficiency and time saving as well as bringing benefits in terms of consistency of quality to the end product.

Construction using precast concrete has the following advantages:

  • Considerable reduction in construction time
  • Low overhead and crew size is required; the work can be carried out by two men and a crawler crane with an operator
  • Precast concrete piles gives a consistent end result
  • Minimises or removes need for spoil removal
  • Cost effective solution for contaminated sites


Project Name - Chonny Crescent, Manukau

Project description

Drive 400mm square x 15m long precast concrete piles for under new silos

Machine used


Special difficulties

Piles were installed to carry specific loadings.  These were tested using a PDA unit giving an instant report showing actual results